The UI Asian American Alumni Network (AAAN) strives for the betterment of the University of Illinois as an agency for education, public service, and social progress.

The objectives of UIAAAN shall be:

  • to promote unity and maintain communications among U of I alumni;
  • to advance and address Asian American issues in the workplace, higher education and the community;
  • to provide a voice for Asian American alumni regarding programming activities and projects of U of I.

The Alumni Network features members of all ages, graduation years, ethnic backgrounds, and geographical locations. We also sponsor many activities and events to bring Alumni from the University community together. We feel it is important and valuable to continue to develop the network amongst everyone associated with the University of Illinois who has a desire and interest to contribute to the Asian American cause. UIAAAN is open to all alumni of the University of Illinois and is an official affiliate group of the University of Illinois' Alumni Association.

To join or to learn more about the Asian American Alumni Network, please visit the official AAAN website.