Who is considered Asian American?

Asian Americans are the largest racial minority group on campus. Asian Americans are an extremely diverse group made up of many different ethnic groups. Asian Americans are persons having origins in any or the original peoples of East Asia, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent.

  • East Asian generally includes Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
  • Southeast Asian generally includes Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, and Vietnamese
  • South Asian generally includes Asian Indian, Bangladeshi, Bhutanese, Nepalese, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan
  • Pacific Islander generally includes Native Hawaiian, Guamanian, and Samoan

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Is the Asian American Cultural Center just for Asian Americans?

No. The Asian American Cultural Center is dedicated to fostering appreciation and understanding of Asian American and Asian international experiences. The AACC provides programs and events each week for anyone interested in learning about and experiencing Asian American cultures. Almost all AACC-sponsored events are free and open to the public. Additionally, each week many student organizations and campus units also sponsor events and hold meetings at the AACC. Space may be reserved by affiliated organizations and by other campus units for programs related to the mission of the AACC; however, space may not be reserved by individuals.

What is the difference between the Asian American Cultural Center and the Asian American Studies Department?

The Asian American Cultural Center and the Department of Asian American Studies both represent the university's commitment to exploring Asian American experiences. The AACC is a unit within Student Success, Inclusion & Belonging in Student Affairs and AAS is a department in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Department of Asian American Studies offers courses that lead to an interdisciplinary minor, promotes research and publication, and sponsors conferences, colloquia, seminars, brown bag lectures series, invited lectures, and other activities. The two units, located at 1208 and 1210 West Nevada Street, are physically connected by a shared conference room.

Are there other campus units that focus on the cultures and people of Asia?

There also are several university units that explore the cultures of Asia:

Additionally, International Student and Scholar Services offers advising, programs and outreach for international visitors and international student organizations.

How can my organization become affiliated with the AACC?

Get more information about Affiliated Organizations.

How do I find out about future events or programs at the AACC?

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